Specialized equipment for domestic use for SMA patients: bath chairs and feeder seats

Families can do a number of things to improve the well-being and comfort of a child with SMA. These range from home modifications to specialized equipment.

A healthcare professional with experience in working with SMA can be of great help in choosing the right equipment, and in advising parents how to best incorporate it into daily life.

Two kinds of specialized equipment almost always needed in the home are bath chairs and feeder seats.

Bath chairs

These chairs ensure that bathing is safe and secure for children and adults with special needs. They typically can be adjusted to different positions depending on the person’s requirements, and the height can also be adjusted according to the needs of the parent or caregiver.

The selection of bath chairs and supports is wide, and selection should be made according to personal needs and financial abilities.

Columbia Medical has a broad range of bath and toilet seats, whose backrest can be adjusted independently of the seat itself.

Integrity Custom Concepts  has bath chairs and entire bathing systems, made of PVC and mesh, that minimize the number of necessary transfers during bath time.

Leckey Advance Bath Seat is a pediatric bath chair designed to “redefine positional seating for bathing” and be able to children between the ages 16 months and 15 years.

Otto Bock bathing support allows for “push-button” adjustments the head, back, seat, and legs, and can fold for transport.

Feeder seats

Specially designed feeder seats exist for all ages. These are typically soft foam positioning seats that are fairly easy to use. They can be a good alternative to a wheelchair or stander.

Special Tomato  products are made of latex-free seamless materials that are soft to the touch for comfort.

Tumble Forms feeder seats are simple and soft foam positioning seats for all ages. They can be used for feeding, teaching, resting, and other situations requiring light and portable positioning.

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