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      Alyssa Silva

      Not sure how I’ve made it 31 years without owning a hand warmers, but I need to change that asap. Any you’d recommend? They’d be used on the go, so something portable would be preferred.

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      Guys with MD I played sport with 15+ years ago used gel like pouches they’d snap to release heat & you could boil them or something to re-use.

      I found a chemist a couple years ago that had these little tea bag like things you rub in your hands & they get hot for 50cents each. I brought em all. They helped warm my right hand to help my left hand but I’d prefer some constant heated environment around my driving hand.

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      DeAnn R

      I have this rechargeable one that I really like
      I’ve thought about getting another so I can swap them out when the battery dies. Otherwise I’ve used microwavable corn bags or the disposable kind hunters use. I think they’re called Hot Hands.

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      Blake Watson

      This doesn’t fit the requirements Alyssa provided (ie, portable hand warmers) but just in case it helps anyone, here’s a tiny desktop space heater I use. I angle so that it points directly at my hands and I have it plugged into a smart outlet so that I can turn it on and off from my computer/Siri.

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        Alyssa Silva

        Oh but I love that you can use Siri with it!

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      Yvette Haas

      I’m obsessed with the one I got for my wheelchair and I don’t understand why the wheelchair reps don’t let all of us know that they exist!!! I didn’t have one until 2 years ago, and I seriously can’t live without it now. It lets me drive without my hand getting cold (and then not able to move) in the winter, and I have gotten to the point where it just makes life better even when in the house and 70 degrees just isn’t feeling inspiring for exerting any energy.
      I’m attaching the link because it’s sometimes hard to find.

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        Alyssa Silva

        Yesss it’s so hard (and sometimes impossible) for me to drive with cold hands. Great find!

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      Alyssa Silva

      Thank you for the suggestions. 🙂

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